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  • 2023

    Martínez Vera, G., López Otero, J.C., Sokolova, M.Y., Cleveland, A., Marshall, M.T., and Sánchez, L. (2023). Aspectual se and Telicity in Heritage Spanish Bilinguals: TheEffects of Lexical Access, Dominance, Age of Acquisition, and Patterns of Language Use. Languages 8: 201.

    Amaral, L., & Sánchez, L. (2023). Carefully considering the need, precision, and usefulness of classifying bilingual speakers in language shift contexts. Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism, 13(1), 45–50.

    Sánchez, L., Goldin, M., Hur, E., Jimenez, A., Otero, J. C. L., Thane, P. D., Austin, J., & Markovits, J. (2023). Dominance, Language Experience, and Increased Interaction Effects on the Development of Pragmatic Knowledge in Heritage Bilingual Children. Heritage Language Journal, 20(1), 1–39.

  • 2022

    Vera, G. M. (2022). Revisiting aspectual se in Spanish: telicity, statives, and maximization. The Linguistic Review, 0(0).

    Sokolova, M., & Slabakova, R. (2022). A different type of RC attachment resolution. Language Acquisition & Language Disorders, 287–314.

    Colón-Rodríguez, Keyra and Imbaquingo, Jeff (Eds.) (2022) International Christian University Working Papers in Linguistics 20: Health Questionnaire Digital Archive. Tokyo, Japan: International Christian University.

    Mayer, E., & Sánchez, L. (2022). Feature Selection in Clitic Expression in Two Bilingual Amazonian Spanish Varieties. BRILL eBooks, 251–279.

    Shin, N. L., Cuza, A., & Sánchez, L. (2022). Structured variation, language experience, and crosslinguistic influence shape child heritage speakers’ Spanish direct objects. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 26(2), 317–329.

    Sánchez, L., Camacho, J., Mayer, E., & Alzza, C. R. (2022). Gender Agreement in a Language Contact Situation. Languages, 7(2), 81.


  • 2021

    Colantoni, L., & Sánchez, L. (2021). The Role of Prosody and Morphology in the Mapping of Information Structure onto Syntax. Languages, 6(4), 207.

    Hoot, B., & Ebert, S. (2021b). The That-Trace Effect: Evidence from Spanish–English Code-Switching. Languages, 6(4), 189.

    Sánchez, L., & Mayer, E. (2021). Emerging DOM patterns in clitic doubling and dislocated structures in Peruvian- Spanish contact varieties. De Gruyter eBooks, 103–138.

    Vera, G. M. (2021). Degree achievements and maximalization: a cross-linguistic perspective. Glossa.

    Sokolova, M., & Slabakova, R. (2021). Processing similarities between native speakers and non-balanced bilinguals. International Journal of Bilingualism, 136700692110336.

    Hoot, B., & Ebert, S. (2021). On the position of subjects in Spanish: Evidence from code-switching. Glossa, 6(1).

    Vera, G. M. (2021a). Degree achievements and degree morphemes in competition in Southern Aymara. Linguistics and Philosophy, 44(3), 695–735.

    Giancaspro, D., & Sánchez, L. (2021). Me, mi, my: Innovation and variability in heritage speakers’ knowledge of inalienable possession. Glossa, 6(1).

    Goldin, M., Syrett, K., & Sanchez, L. M. (2021). Perspective-Taking With Deictic Motion Verbs in Spanish: What We Learn About Semantics and the Lexicon From Heritage Child Speakers and Adults. Frontiers in Psychology, 12.

    Sánchez, L., & Camacho, J. (2021). Adjectives in Heritage Spanish. Isogloss, 7, 1.

    Vera, G. M. (2021a). On Derived Change of State Verbs in Southern Aymara. Languages, 6(1), 28.

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  • 2023

    How long does it take to name a picture? The Effects of extralinguistic variables on lexical retrieval among Spanish heritage speakers. Liliana Sanchez, Julio Cesar Lopez Otero, Jess Ward, Rosela Romero Cervantes Rodriguez, Carmen Thom Presented at Hispanic Linguistics Symposium, Brigham Young University. October 12th,  14th. |

    As ‘native’ as they come: Heritage language users and gradability in ASL. Helen Koulidobrova & Gabriel Martinez Vera. Presented at Heritage Languages at the Crossroads: cultural contexts, individual differences and methodologies, Istanbul Medeniyet University, May 29th & 30th.

    Maximization strategies in the verbal domain and cross-linguistic variation. Gabriel Martinez Vera. Presented at The International Workshop on Maximalization Strategies in the Event Domain, University of Debrecen, April 17–19.

    Minoritized Populations and Health in Puerto Rico, In/Between Conference, March 2nd, 2023

    How long does it take to name a picture? The effects of proficiency, age of acquisition, and language usage on lexical retrieval among Spanish heritage speakers, In/Between Conference, March 2nd, 2023

  • 2022

    A comparative analysis of dizque and como que. José Camacho & Gabriel Martinez Vera. Presented at Evidential Strategies in Romance Languages, Universidad de Alcalá, October 26-27th.

    Sokolova, M and R. Slabakova. (2022). Top-Down or Bottom-UP: Parsing Strategies in L2 English and Russian. Poster presentation at GASLA 2022, Norway

    MORE ASL Please. The Lack of Effects from English on Gradability by the Deaf and Hearing ASL Acquiring Children. Helen Koulidobrova & Gabriel Martinez Vera. Presented at the Fourth International Conference on Language Attrition and Bilingualism (ICLA 4) March 24-26.

  • 2021

    Revisiting gradability in ASL. Elena Koulidobrova, Gabriel Martinez Vera, Kim Kurz  & Christopher Kurz. Presented at 57th Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistics Society, University of Chicago, May 6-8th.