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  • Current Research Projects

    Indigenous health, minoritized communities, and COVID-19
    Sanchez, L. & Koulidobrova, H.

    Quantifiers in bilinguals and monolinguals
    Sanchez, L.; Martinez, G.; Marshall, M.; Sokolova, M.

    The role of transfer and language exposure in the development of definite plural subjects and object clitics in child heritage speakers of Spanish
    Sanchez, L.; Cuza, A.; Shin, N.

    Null/overt subjects experimental
    Austin, J.; Goldin, M.; Hur, E.; Jimenez, A.; Lopez, J.

    Documenting Cuzco-Collao Quechua
    Sanchez, L.; Peralta, H.; Macedo, B.; Vengoa, J.

    Discourse structure in Southern Quechua
    Gonzalo, R.; Andrade, L.

    Indefinites in Quechua
    Sanchez, L.; Vengoa, J.; Dayal, V.

    Plurals in Quechua
    Sanchez, L. & Vengoa, J.

    Gender Agreement in a Language Contact Situation
    Sanchez, L.; Camacho, J; Mayer, E.; Rodriguez, C.

    Linguistic Attitudes towards Shipibo
    Sanchez, L.; Mayer, E.; Camacho, J; Rodriguez, C.

    Effects of social network and speaker investment in a speaker/learner’s oral proficiency in Spanish and English
    Marshall, M.

  • Conferences


    Life, language, and COVID-19: Quechua and Shipibo in rural Peru
    Liliana Sanchez; Helen Koulidobrova
    Language Policy and Planning Conference; August 26th –28th, 2021

    Evidential/focus markers and discourse connectors in Southern Peruvian Quechua
    17th International Pragmatics Conference, 27 Jun – 02 Jul 2021


    Easy come, easy go: Deictic verbs reveal crosslinguistic influence in Heritage speakers of Spanish
    49th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages, Athens, GA, May 1st – 4th